Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting ServiceCrown Lifting is the skilled technique of increasing the clear space below the foliage of a tree. This is often required in urban areas where the space under a tree is used for access i.e. pedestrians or vehicles need to pass under a tree safely or the space is used for parking etc. Crown Lifting involves the removal of the lower branches and the trimming of other remaining branch foliage to reduce their weight and allow them to lift up naturally. This can be done to achieve any required height clearance.

In situations where Crown Lifting is carried specifically for the purpose of clear out for access, the service may need to be repeated on a regular basis in order to maintain an acceptable level of clearance.

Tree Crown Lifting Service

In some circumstances, you may be required by your Local Authority to provide an adequate level of clearance to a specific height. We have worked with several Local Authorities and can provide you with the necessary professional service to abide by their conditions.

Crown lifting is also used to reduce weight from a tree and allow more light to pass through or under the tree. This can be of major benefit to the surrounding environment. If a tree is of great importance and crown lifting is not an option, then tree bracing can be used. This is a non invasive solution and environmentally friendly. Tree bracing can also be used in conjunction with Crown Lifting.

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