Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning Before

Crown Thinning AfterThis is a technique used to remove heavy congestion of shoots within a tree. Crown thinning also allows more light to pass through a tree and reduces wind resistance, making the tree stronger in adverse weather conditions. Crown thinning should only be done by qualified professionals with the necessary knowledge. We have seen many examples of over zealous Crown Thinning where home owners and lesser skilled tradesman have been carried away with their enthusiasm and removed more than is necessary, resulting in an unsightly shape and look of the tree.

When done correctly, Crown thinning also reduces the weight of each limb and makes the tree healthier and stronger. Crown Thinning has some similarities to the technique of Dead Wooding and often the two pruning techniques are carried out hand in hand.

Tree Crown Thinning Service

We have much experience in the Crown Thinning of a variety of tree species and with the use of different techniques and equipment. These individual techniques may be specified by a Local Authority if you live in a conservation area or your tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

If you would like us to provide you with a quotation and advise you on our recommendations, please do get in touch.

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