Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Lawn MowingGrass can grow between two to six inches a month depending on the weather conditions, making Lawn Mowing to be a fairly frequent task. Grass growth begins at 5 degrees Celsius which can mean that Lawn Mowing is required throughout the year. When striping a lawn, it’s important to try and avoid repeated cutting patterns as this will produce ruts and tramlines.

When the grass is damp or long, it is also important to slow down your cutting pace as this can strain the motor of your Mower, reducing the blade speed. The height of the mower should be set according to the type of lawn. If you start getting mini “Crop Circles”, which is where the lawn is being scalped, then the height of the blade needs to be raised or care should be taken to keep the mower steady. Always keep your blade sharp and balanced. If your blade is not sharp enough, the ends of each grass blade will be split, jagged and likely to brown off quickly. This leads to an overall poor appearance of the lawn area.

With many years experience in caring for and managing lawns of various sizes, we have the knowledge to provide the best lawn maintenance service to meet your requirements. We can advise you on caring for your lawn throughout the year, and provide a regular Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance programme for you. We can adjust our visiting times to meet with the seasons changes and growth rates.

Other benefits of us providing you with a regular Lawn Mowing service are:

  • We remove all green waste
  • We provide and maintain all the Lawn Mowing Equipment
  • We can spot and deal with any Lawn Diseases.
  • We can treat Lawn Moss and Weeds


  • No Back Aches
  • You get your Sundays back

Fully Licensed and Insured

The Tree Fellers Tree Surgeons in Hertfordshire and North London are fully NPTC Qualified Arborists.
We carry £5 million Public Liability Insurance are First Aid Trained and follow Continual Professional Development.